Virus And Malware Removal Service

Virus And Malware Removal Service


Does it seem like your computer has a life of its own?  It could be a virus or malware.
The internet is a dangerous place for an unguarded computer or network.  Computer Tech Services will make your computer 99% virus proof.

One call to Computer Tech Services means pesky malware, spyware, and computer-crashing viruses will be banished from your computer !

We specialize in removing viruses and malware from your computer, securing your important data from the depths of despair, and after we've saved your pictures, music, documents and more, we'll help prevent future recurrences by providing you with the best anti-virus software and secure data storage solutions.

Malicious software and viruses abound and protecting the integrity of your information is more important than ever. Our technicians will eradicate any malware or virus afflicting your system either in person or over remote desktop. Give us a call today!


Best Desktop Computer Virus Repair In California

Computer viruses are malicious pieces of software that can cause your computer to act in ways it shouldn’t. Symptoms that your computer has a virus include:
  • Your computer is running slowly or not responding
  • You get frequent pop-ups, sometimes when you’re not even online
  • When you visit one webpage, you get redirected to a different page
  • Your desktop icons disappear, don’t work, or are replaced by programs you don’t remember installing
If you think you have a computer virus, it is very important to stop using it until you can get it diagnosed. Computer viruses and other malware and trojans can steal your personal information including credit card numbers, and transmit them to fraudsters and criminals. Disconnect your computer from the internet quickly and give us a call or use our online quote form to get a free estimate on repairing the damage.