"I can't afford to hire an IT person.  I'm a sole practitioner, small business;  it's simply not in my budget.  And so to have Computer Tech Services tech support, it's affordable and it's reliable."


"I wanted you to know that out of all products I have that run my business and all companies I do business with, I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level--all the time--each and every time I call Computer Tech Services my issues are resolved. In addition, getting an expert on the phone within minutes is impressive. Typically, you work with 1st level CS people, then they escalate an issue and time is wasted and lost with nearly every company I have ever dealt with. With Computer Tech Services, time is money and it is obvious that you get that as issues are resolved quickly and accurately!!!

One a scale from 1 to 10 - Computer Tech Services is a 14. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!!!"


Tim Barkley, Manager