Small Device Support


Let us provide tech support for the PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart devices your business relies upon.


Available Services

  • Spyware and virus removal
  • Software installation and training
  • Network and security setup
  • Help with peripherals (smartphones, tablets, printers, digital cameras, etc.)
  • Training for new and current employees
  • PC optimization
  • And much more!


Let us configure and customize your smartphone or tablet.


  • Email and contact setup
  • Desktop sync
  • Basic training


We’ll set up your smartphone and one PC client for backup and synchronization. Our technicians will:

  • Set up email, calendar, and phone book, using a remote control client.
  • Customize ringtones, wallpaper, and other settings.
  • Set up Wi-Fi connections.
  • Set up a Bluetooth® headset.
  • Install a smartphone client on your PC.
  • Enable backup of smartphone data to your PC.
  • Synchronize calendars, email, and contacts on your smartphone and PC.
  • Troubleshoot sync software issues.
  • Provide basic training on smartphone use.