Staff Support

Flexible, Customer Focused, Tailored  to Client’s Requirements


Computer Tech Services provides IT staff augmentation for SMB and enterprise organizations.  Our engineers and consultants have extensive real-world experience and proven technical expertise and advanced certifications.  Our team members are effective communicators who exhibit the highest level of professionalism and possess strong interpersonal skills.


Customer Service


We are committed to the highest level of customer service as evidenced by the extensive customer service and communication skills training required by each technologist. To foster ongoing excellence in customer service, customer satisfaction measurements are coupled to career advancement.


High-Level Certifications


In obtaining the highest level of certifications with our key partners, Computer Tech Services has demonstrated proven expertise, an emphasis on value-added services and a dedication to customer satisfaction.  These strategic relationships provide unparalleled access to support and the ability to develop collaborative services.  This tight integration gives clients access to the deepest skill sets and the quickest path to problem resolution.