Optimized Manageable Desktop Infrastructures


Computer Tech Services Desktop Optimization Strategies Help Clients do More With Less


A desktop optimization environment reduces the cost and time of daily management, improves security and control, and provides a flexible solution for deploying system and provisioning services.  As an early leader, Computer Tech Services conducted desktop optimization presentations at Microsoft sponsored events throughout Southern California.

Computer Tech Services is a certified Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS) consultant and has proven expertise in delivering comprehensive deployment plans that lower upgrade costs and ensure a more secure and well-managed desktop environment.


Enable better management and control of enterprise desktop environments to:


Streamline deployment and change management
Quickly respond to changing business requirements with flexible service provisioning
Secure desktops and mobile laptops
Better manage software assets, versioning, and license compliance
Improve end-user access to key applications and control application permissions
Accelerate software deployment and reduce image complexity
A desktop deployment project is an ideal opportunity to implement optimization technologies. Organizations can take advantage of the people, processes, and technologies that are already engaged in the rollout to deploy these technologies; in turn, they can help to ease the time, cost, and effort of the operating system rollout.